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PDF to PDF/A Conversion

PDF to PDF/A Converter is a powerful tool offered by PDFHub that enables users to convert their PDF documents into PDF/A format. The PDF/A format is specifically designed for long-term archiving, ensuring that the document remains accessible and readable in the future.

The PDF to PDF/A Converter is a robust and scalable solution that can be integrated seamlessly into key business processes, such as standardization, quality assurance, and archive migration. With this tool, businesses can ensure that their documents are compliant with ISO standards for archiving and preservation, as well as maintain their integrity and authenticity over time.

Overall, PDF to PDF/A Converter is a reliable and efficient solution for converting PDFs into PDF/A format, helping businesses to future-proof their documents and streamline their archiving processes.

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What is a PDF/A format?

PDF/A is a file format for long-term archiving of PDF documents. It includes all the necessary elements to ensure that the document can be preserved and accessed in the future, regardless of the software and hardware used. One of the key features of PDF/A is that it embeds all the fonts used in the document within the PDF file, so users can view the document without needing to have the same fonts installed on their computer. This makes it a reliable and widely accepted format for archiving and sharing important documents.

How to use PDF to PDF/A Converter tool?

To convert your files to PDF/A compliant format using PDFHub, simply select the file or files you wish to convert and open them in our PDF to PDF/A Converter. Then, click on the "Convert" button and choose the level of compliance you require. The tool will then automatically convert your file(s) to PDF/A format and provide you with the output PDF file, which includes all necessary embedded fonts for long-term archiving.

Is PDFHub's PDF to PDF/A converter tool safe to use?

PDFHub's PDF-to-PDF/A converter tool is very safe and fully secure. The system does not keep a copy of any files on the servers, and all API calls for the PDF/A conversion operation are stateless. This helps ensure the security of your data, as you don't need to worry about our servers holding onto your original files.

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