PDFHub provides easy way to rotate the orientation of PDF files at a page level or for the entire pdf.

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Rotate PDF

PDFHub provides the ability to programatically rotate the orientation of a given page in the PDF either clockwise or anticlockwise.

pdf rotate

Why to Rotate PDF files?

There are many different reasons for why you might want to rotate all or specific pages inside your PDF document.While scanning a stack of docs or a book, it might happen that you accidentally scan one or a few pages upside down.

What can I rotate using PDFHub?

Rotate all pages of a PDF document or just the pages you want to transform this way. PDFHub's Rotate tool allows you the highest amount of customizability for your specific needs! And if you have any questions about or an issue with our online PDF editor, let us know and we will help you!

Is PDFHub's Rotate tool safe to use?

PDFHub's Rotate tool is very safe and fully secure. The system does not keep the copy of any files in the servers and all our API calls to do the rotate action are stateless. This helps keep your data secure as you don’t need to worry about our server holding to original files or output PDFs.

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