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Add Passwords to PDF files

PDFHub provides an easy and secure way to add password protection to your PDF files. Our API allows you to set passwords for both opening and editing the file, ensuring that only authorized individuals have access to the document. You can also customize the permissions for each user, restricting their ability to print, copy, or modify the document.

Furthermore, if you need to modify a password-protected PDF file and have the necessary permissions, PDFHub also allows you to remove the password protection. This can be useful if you need to make changes to a PDF file that has been previously password protected, but you no longer require the added security.

With PDFHub, you can have peace of mind knowing that your PDF files are safe and secure, and that you have full control over who can access and modify them.

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Why protect PDF files by adding a password?

Protecting PDFs with a strong password has become a common means of securing sensitive data, such as phone bills or bank statements. With PDFHub, you can easily add password protection to your PDF files, ensuring that only those with the password can access and view the contents of the file. However, if you decide to remove the password protection to make the file accessible to everyone, PDFHub can assist you in doing so.

How to protect/unprotect PDF files with a password?

Upload your PDF document either by drag and drop or by selecting it from your device. Once the file is uploaded, choose the operation to protect the file with a password. You can then enter details such as new password to proceed with the action

Is PDFHub's Add Password tool safe to use?

PDFHub's Add Password tool is very safe and secure. The system does not keep a copy of any files on the server, and all API calls for adding or removing passwords are stateless. This ensures that your data remains secure, as you don't have to worry about our server holding onto your original files or output PDFs.

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